Waterlase® Laser for Gentle Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Jorge Torres and his associates of Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon do everything they can to make dental care easy and stress-free.

Our Waterlase® lasers allow us to perform soft tissue surgery with minimal discomfort. Very few dentists offer Waterlase® soft tissue surgry for children.

It is one of the many reasons that parents are willing to drive from miles around to give their kids the gentle, compassionate care they need.

Waterlase® is an innovative laser dental tool that employs water and laser energy to precisely cut soft tissue. Soft tissue surgery performed on pediatric patients involves a number of special considerations, including the health, growth and behavioral development of the child.

Some simple soft tissue surgeries, in particular pediatric “tongue tie release” surgeries, frenectomies, and gingival tooth exposure can be comfortably and quickly accomplished with the Waterlase laser.

Soft tissue surgical cutting with Waterlase reduces bleeding, post-operative pain and swelling.

Soft tissue surgical treatments include:

  • Tongue Tie Release Surgery: A “tongue tie” is a condition where lips and/or the tongue are held too tightly to the gums. Some newborns are born with their lips and/or tongue “tied” so tightly that they have difficulty suckling. Releasing the ligament tissue that holds the lips and tongue to the gums is a gentle, quick process when done with Waterlase technology. If your baby is tongue and/or lip tied, request an immediate appointment for an examination by Dr. Torres and to learn about the procedure and post-operative care in detail.
  • Frenectomy: There are two muscular attachments called the frena. One frenum connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and the other frenum connects the inside of the upper lip to the gums just above the upper two front teeth. Many young children have a tight frenum that restricts tongue or lip movement. Sometimes, the upper frenum is large, forcing the upper central teeth apart with an unattractive gap. Thanks to Waterlase, surgery to remedy these situations and provide normal tongue and lip movement is now a more comfortable and quick procedure with faster healing and does not require stitches.
  • Gingival Exposure of Teeth: Sometimes teeth are slow to erupt through the gum tissue at the age when they should. The Waterlase laser can quickly and easily open the gum tissue to expose the tooth. Many times, spontaneous eruption will then occur. If the patient is a candidate for orthodontic treatment, we sometimes attach an orthodontic bracket and move the tooth into place.

When used for soft tissue surgery, not only is the surgical procedure more comfortable, but the tissue is sealed by the laser requiring no stitches, swelling is reduced, and post-operative pain is minimized. Because laser energy sterilizes the area, healing is faster.

Stress-Free, Gentle Pediatric Dentistry

Along with advanced technology, we provide the friendliest of fun environments to make your child feel comfortable, respected, and happy. We are child development experts and understand children at each stage of physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

We emphasize gentle techniques. We also stress patient education. Although it is important for you to be informed, we also believe your child benefits emotionally from knowing what to expect.

Along with explaining what we are doing and about the tools we are using, we will also teach your child about dental hygiene. In this way, we can instill good habits to ensure a lifelong healthy smile. We are careful to use comforting words, and we will guide you in the best ways to talk about dental care at home.

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