The Latest Technology at Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon Benefits Your Child

Pediatric Dentists Dr. Jorges Torres and his associates at Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon, FL do everything they can to make your child’s oral health care comfortable and precise. The latest technology is used to assist with imaging, treatment planning, soft tissue treatment, and even visualizing the tooth alignment that we can achieve with Invisalign. This technology sets our dental practice apart from the vast majority of other pediatric dental practices in Florida and the nation.

IRIS HD Intraoral Camera

By using our IRIS high definition intraoral camera we can show patients and their parents areas of the mouth that need treatment. A digital camera on a small, lighted wand is easily inserted in the child’s mouth and comfortably takes close-up photos with extreme clarity. The images are viewed on a tablet, and we can zoom in on cavities and other dental features.

Chairside Digital Display

Parents are invited chairside to see their child’s dental x-rays and intra-oral images on a digital tablet. Because digital images can be easily expanded, it is easy for parents and children to view what we are looking at in detail.

iTero Orthodontic Digital System

The iTero digital system is used to scan the mouth and create an articulated 3D digital model. This 3D model is used for treatment planning orthodontic cases and can be transferred to an Invisalign lab to make your teen’s invisalign aligners. Digital scanning is more comfortable and accurate than taking traditional dental impressions and making dental casts. In fact, Invisalign cases that start with an iTero scan have seven times fewer fit issues than those started with traditional impressions.

iTero’s ClinCheck software enables patients and parents to visualize how the teeth and smile will look after treatment with Invisalign. Orthodontic simulations are viewed in our consultation room on a large-screen ultra high definition (UHD) TV. When you can see how the teeth will look after treatment, it is easier to understand the benefits of optimal tooth alignment and make your decision.

Waterlase Technology for Soft Tissue Procedures

Waterlase® is an innovative tool that employs water and laser energy to precisely cut soft tissue. With this technology, our dentists perform some simple soft tissue surgeries, for example pediatric “tongue tie release” surgeries, frenectomies, and gingival tooth exposure can be comfortably and quickly accomplished with the Waterlase laser. Soft tissue surgical cutting with Waterlase reduces bleeding, post-operative pain and swelling.

Diode Laser for Hemostasis

We also have a diode laser which quickly dries moisture and stops bleeding in the mouth. This enables us to comfortably and quickly do dental restorations such as dental bonding and to stop bleeding after tooth extraction. This efficiency allows us to minimize the time your child is in the dental chair and speed wound healing.

Are you seeking a pediatric dentist who does everything possible to make your child’s dental exams and treatment as comfortable as possible?

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