The Benefits of Early “Phase 1” Orthodontic Treatment

At Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon, Dr. Jorge Torres or one of his associates will evaluate your child’s physical development at every appointment.

If you are new to the practice and wondering when a first full orthodontic evaluation should be done, it’s by age seven. We can tell a lot by then. One of the benefits of having your child in a pediatric dental practice with orthodontic expertise is that your child is constantly observed as she or he grows, and orthodontic evaluation is automatically done at no extra charge.

Although age seven may seem young, our goal is to use your child’s growth to our advantage when possible. By identifying any serious problems early, we often can map a treatment plan that delivers the best results using the least invasive techniques.

Minimally invasive techniques to correcting jaw misalignment and a narrow upper palate can be used in younger children, as many of their facial bones – including their upper palate – are not yet fused. Corrections can be achieved in children with orthodontic appliances that use increasing pressure to align and widen bone where needed.

We will guide you as to when wire and bracket braces or Invisalign clear aligners should be used to achieve optimal results as early and fast as possible.

And, while you might think early loss of a primary (baby) tooth (due to decay or injury) is no “big deal,” there are actually ramifications to not filling the gap with a pediatric dental space retainer. Adjacent teeth easily shift out of alignment, and this drifting of teeth creates problems for secondary teeth and tooth roots when it is time for the secondary (adult) teeth to come in. We can provide your young child with a full smile and better speaking function until the age when it is normal for the secondary tooth to erupt.

Healthy social confidence affects everyday behavior, choices, and ability to succeed in school. So, please let us explain available treatment options. We can expertly treat your child, here in our own office, where you child is a comfortable member of our “dental family,” and can correct a variety of problems with resulting facial balance, proper function, fewer dental problems in later years, and a beautiful smile.

We are experts in child and teen development, and we genuinely care about our patients. Any orthodontics we provide will be gently done with care and concern for your child’s comfort and emotional well being.