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At Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon, we understand that your children’s health is one of your top priorities. That is why our experienced staff strives to help you improve their well-being through a number of pediatric dental and orthodontic services. Because there is a strong connection between overall and oral health, and the oral habits your children form now will set the stage for how they maintain their oral health in the future, it is important that your children have the tools and knowledge they need for a healthy mouth.

Dr. Torres, and our dental hygienists and assistants have the expertise necessary to equip your children with tips for a luminous smile, and care for a variety of needs, from early orthodontic care to sealants, regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, bonding and more. So no matter your children’s ages or the state of their oral health, you can find comfort in knowing that with Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon, they are in good hands.

Featured Services

Preventive Care
& Checkups

Preventive care conducted at regular checkups is key to avoiding future, more serious dental issues. Checkups are also a time for Dr. Torres to check for signs of periodontal disease.

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Dental Care
for your Baby

Even though your baby’s teeth are not permanent, it is important that an initial dental visit occurs within six months of the eruption of their first tooth and regular checkups take place thereafter.

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Early Orthodontics
In some cases, early orthodontic care eliminates the need for future, more elaborate orthodontic treatment. Consult Dr. Torres for more information on your next visit.

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Teenage Patients
Even though teenagers are busy, they must keep their regular appointments due to the special care and attention their teeth require, and to ensure the health of their mouth.
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Specialized Treatments

Esthetic Dentistry
You may not think children need to undergo cosmetic dentistry services, but there can be many circumstances, like a fall, that warrant the help of esthetic procedures….

Diet and Snacking
There are many ways monitoring and changing your children’s diet and snacking can help improve their oral health….

Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay and rebuild enamel. It can be found in many toothpastes and rinses, and fluoride-containing drinking water….

X-Ray Use and Safety
We take every precaution to reduce the amount of radiation from X-rays your children are exposed to….